The harm of smartphones if you use it incorrectly

Smartphones make life a lot more convenient. We work, connect with each other using smartphones. But besides the benefits, they also have the same harm if you use them incorrectly. Along with MAC learn the harms of smartphones through the following article.

1. Place next to your pillow

Many people have a habit of keeping the phone next to their pillow when going to bed. This is convenient, but not at all, since the phone is essentially a device that transmits and receives electromagnetic signals - that is, it emits radio waves.

Whether or not exposure to waves from the phone causes any consequences is still controversial, but some experts have warned that it carries risks to the brain and affects the cycle. our sleep.

In general, for safety, keep the phone away from your sleeping space, and preferably in airplane mode.

Should not put smartphone next to the pillow

2. Use too long before bed

The light from the phone screen is blue light - representing the sun after penetrating the atmosphere. This light has the ability to inhibit melatonin - the hormone that causes sleepiness - to make it harder for you to fall asleep and ultimately lack of sleep the next morning.

Additionally, blue light from the phone has been shown to cause headaches and a number of problems related to vision with long exposure.

So, it is best not to use the phone about 1-2 hours before bed. In case you have to, at least leave it in night mode - the screen will turn yellow, helping you to be less affected.

the harmful effects of smartphones

Before going to sleep for 30 minutes, you should not use the smartphone for too long

3. Use phone when the signal is weak

According to Dr. Devra Davis - author of "The Truth about Cellular Waves", when the waves are weak, the phone will use more energy, emit more electromagnetic waves to ensure a stable connection.

And in the event that the wave affects your health, it is obvious to use it when the wave is weak.

The harmful effects of smartphones

Using your phone when the signal is weak will harm you

4. Let the phone come in direct contact with the skin

Today's phones are highly stable, but sometimes get hot suddenly. Your skin, if exposed directly, will absorb that heat, along with the emitted magnetic waves.

Currently, we do not know if the wave is harmful or not, but it is certain that if the phone is away from the body, the amount of waves absorbed is much less.

So it's best not to put your phone in your pocket or pocket, and go through a layer of your bag.

The harmful effects of smartphones

Do not put the phone in pocket, pocket, ...

5. Bad posture to use phone

The popularity of mobile phones has led to a lot of strange related diseases: finger texting (text-thumb), skull thorns, and especially the "texting neck" syndrome - text neck.

The cause of this syndrome comes from the fact that we often bow our heads when looking at phones. The lower the bow, the pressure on the neck will increase, even 5 times greater than the inherent weight of the head. Over time, the spine will become disabled, causing serious aesthetic effects.

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